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About Us

We are a compassionate medical and surgical practice with over 50 years of experience treating adult and pediatric patients with ear, nose, throat and allergy disorders. 


Dr. Berson developed the ZZenter method combining otolaryngology, allergy and sleep medicine into a comprehensive approach to sleep problems. For more information, see www.ZZenter.com


We perform surgeries including tympanostomy and tubes, tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies, nasal septal reconstruction, turbinectomies, and endoscopic sinus and vocal cord surgery.  Rockland ENT offers Coblation®, an advanced surgical technology to remove tonsils, adenoids and to reduce turbinate size.


We offer full audiology services and state-of-the-art inhalant and food allergy testing and treatment.

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We accept most major insurance plans.


I brought my 8-year-old son to Dr. Berson because he was suffering with frequent painful tonsil infections and a terrible snoring problem. After having a sleep study it was determined that he had sleep apnea. Dr. Berson performed a successful tonsillectomy and ade­noidec­to­my. Our family is thrilled with his prog­ress since the surgery: he is no longer snoring and has more energy during the day.

Father of AG

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